About Me

Hi readers! My name is Kacey and this is my blog about finding your white sand beach resort. I am obsessed with the beach and spend a majority of my time there because I am lucky enough to live 10 minutes walking distance. I grew up spending most of my time at the beach because both of my parents were surfers and I would always love watching them surf. I never have been a big fan of actually going into the ocean which sounds bizarre since my parents basically lived in the water but I have too much anxiety about all the animals in the water! The ocean is a huge abyss and the thought of that scares me alone but that won’t stop me from admiring it from the sand! I have visited a lot of beaches around the world which inspired me to create this blog and share my love, passion, and knowledge. I know there are many people out there that love the beach just as much as I do so making a blog about it seemed natural and something a lot of people can bond over. Enjoy!