5 Reasons to Never Deactivate Your Dating App

Trust me I already know, you’ve tried all the apps possible, and you’re still sitting at the singles table at all of your family functions, impatiently waiting for your accidental match to respond. We have all been there at one point in our hopelessly devoted dating moments where your first reaction is to start deactivating all of your accounts because why bother anymore.


Wrong! I understand you don’t want another disappointment to pop up on your screen reminding you that you indeed are faced with someone else you won’t pursue a future with but so many people make accounts on the daily! Instead of deactivating it you drama queen, just delete the app on your phone if you need to take a little breather.


1. You Will Reactivate:


Why waste your time deactivating when we all know you’re just going to take all the time and effort to reactivate it anyways? Just put your little apps in a folder and leave them there until you’re ready to resume. It gets kind of embarrassing when you keep rematching with people you’ve apparently talked to before and have to explain you quit the game for whatever reasons but now you’re back in action.


If you’re that horrified by your current matches, just do a little spring cleaning in your inbox and switch a couple of pictures around and there you go! Brand new.


2. You Will Miss Opportunities:


Just because your ideal person isn’t popping up within your 15-mile radius doesn’t mean that people don’t travel, relocate or finally decide they want to get into the dating app scene. Be patient, and once you stop focusing on the perfect match, they could end up appearing when you least expect it.


3. You Will Get Bored:


There are many positive things to do than swiping people every second like actually going out and meeting someone in person, but chances are you’re not doing that when you deactivate. You’re wasting more time on all the other social media apps whining about how everyone else is in cute relationships.


Whether you use the app religiously or a couple of swipes when you have downtime, and you’re bored don’t take it to the extreme by putting yourself out of the game altogether.


4. You Will Miss Unread Messages:


While you had your mental breakdown, someone else fell in love with your profile in hopes that you will swipe right to them so they can get the chance to ask you out. If you deactivate your profile, you’ll never be able to see the messages personally sabotaging your love life.


5. You Will Regret It:


Once you put yourself off of the market, you stop giving people the chance to know you’re single. People can’t tell nowadays who’s taken or single so being online is your best bet because if someone ends up seeing your profile and then you physically out and about you have a better phone of them coming up to you!


Check out the video below to learn more about dating and hook up apps!