5 Biggest Dating App Pet Peeves

If you’ve been in the online dating game long enough, you’ve unfortunately experienced the majority of these annoying pet peeves from your matches. You begin to wonder if they even know the point of dating online making you wonder why you downloaded the damn thing in the first place.


1. Never Messages Back:


You’ve finally matched with a potential date, so you decide to play it cool and wait for them to make the first move… until it never comes. People do get busy and the majority of the time they turn off their notifications because it gets annoying when they constantly pop up.


Now you’ve mustered up enough courage to message them first so now you wait for their response. Again you’re disappointed because you receive nothing. What’s the point in swiping yes to someone with no intention of messaging them or responding to messages in the first place?


Best bet for that one is just to delete them instead of wasting any more energy and time in hopes of them messaging you when they can’t figure out how the whole messaging thing works.


2. Vague Plans:


You’re excited to be messaging someone and hoping that plans will follow thru. Every time you bring up a committed plan they have a vague response making you wonder if they just accepted your offer or flat out rejected you.


Understandable that people get busy and leave certain plans up in the air but if its been weeks on end and they still aren’t setting a specific time and place chances are they are just going to keep blowing you off with no real intention of following through.


3. Asks Questions Already In Bio:


There’s nothing more irritating than someone asking you all of your basic questions that are clearly stated in your bio. It’s a different story if they ask more in-depth questions in regards to your bio but if they ask where you’re from when you’ve taken the time to explain everything in your bio, common!


4. Instant Vulgar Messages:


It’s hard to take anyone seriously that flat out asks you to have a sexual encounter with them before any build up. It’s like really? You couldn’t just work your way up to a date and then possibly a hook up if the chemistry is right. I don’t understand why people are so keen on getting sexual so fast and turning dating apps into a sexual swiping manifest.


5. One Word Responses:


What’s the point in messaging someone if you’re going to reply in the most boring way possible? You’re supposed to be selling yourself before they meet you in person and responding with one-word answers is probably the last thing you should be doing.


Especially if someone is asking you questions, the least you can do is ask some in return since you did match and should be getting to know one another.


If you’re guilty of any of the above, please do whatever you can to refrain from them in the future because they have a negative effect on the people searching for a connection.

Learn more about how to not suck at dating apps from the video below!